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Stone pasta

Cooking is art, right? Well, not if you are talking about my cooking. I can only cook successfully if I follow the recipe, step by step. I’ve always envied those kind of people who can just improvise. I’ve tried, trust me. I couldn’t even eat that shit. Well, when I first met Nerd, i didn’t […]


It might be kind of ironic for the first post on site entitled Vege & Nerd to be about steak, but then it’s the same irony of a meat-lover living with a vegetarian. I love steak. At it’s most vegetarian offending pink and juicy. And have done so since my teenage years, when I first […]

Hello World!

What happens when a dog-loving vegetarian and a food-loving, meat-aholic nerd move in together? That’s the premise for this site: our culinary adventures as the vege gets more interested in cooking and the meat-eater adapters to vegetarianism. Hopefully, there will be some tempting recipes, a few funny stories and some fun for us too.