It might be kind of ironic for the first post on site entitled Vege & Nerd to be about steak, but then it’s the same irony of a meat-lover living with a vegetarian. I love steak. At it’s most vegetarian offending pink and juicy. And have done so since my teenage years, when I first started cooking for myself. Anyway here are my thoughts on how to cook a steak.

  • the meat should be at room temperature before it hits the pan. You’ll be hard pressed to get a nice pink through otherwise. Put a cold steak in a hot pan and you’ll eat up with an overdone exterior and a raw interior.
  • cook in cast iron. A heavy cast iron pan will distribute the heat more evenly and give you better results. If you don’t have a cast iron pan then get one – a well looked after cast iron pan will be your best mate in the kitchen for decades. (And by the way you only need a little oil in the pan to stop the steak sticking.)
  • Heat the pan before you add the steak. You want to keep the steak juicy. To do that you need to seal the outside and that requires heat. The pan should be on the edge of smoking before you add the meat to it. Also the crispy brown edges add flavour.
  • Season well. No brainer. Salt well and add freshly milled black pepper to taste.
  • Get good meat. In the end it’s a one ingredient meal so the result will be exactly as good as what you put into it. A think my current personal favourite cut would be a nice thick sirloin well marbled with fat (what they call marmorifilee here in Finland).

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