Stone pasta

Cooking is art, right? Well, not if you are talking about my cooking. I can only cook successfully if I follow the recipe, step by step. I’ve always envied those kind of people who can just improvise. I’ve tried, trust me. I couldn’t even eat that shit.

Well, when I first met Nerd, i didn’t know about his enthusiasm for food. I think it was our second date or something like that when i decided to invite him to have a dinner at my place. I don’t know why, maybe I tried to make a good impression. Because I’m not a very talented cook I called my also vegetarian sister and asked her what should I make for dinner. She had just tried some very tasty vegetarian pasta so she gave me the recipe and I bought all the ingredients I needed. I also called my friend who is professional wine taster and she recommended me good Italian wine what we should have with the pasta. Perfect, I thought.

Of course I was a little bit nervous and had few glasses of wine before Nerd arrived. I had already started cooking in my tiny kitchen and i have to say i was doing pretty well.

When the pasta was ready, Nerd sat down and started eating. “Delicious”, I think he said. Probably I was smiling back. But then something went wrong. Crunch! Nerd looked weird and took something out of his mouth…Olive stone! Then he looked at his plate and actually there were plenty of more stones. Apparently somehow I managed to take the stones out of the olives first and then put them back into the pasta with the olives. And one strange thing was I couldn’t find any of those stones on my plate…I don’t know how that’s even possible. I was pretty ashamed but luckily Nerd didn’t brake his tooth or anything. And he even said my pasta was really good! And he wasn’t lying.

Well, if I had known that Nerd absolutely loves loves loves cooking I would’ve never ever cooked for him. I expected him to be like a normal Finnish bachelor, eating his frozen pizzas and fish sticks.

So here’s the pasta:

Maiju’s Vegetarian Stone Pasta

1 courgette

10 calamata olives (without stones!)

2 garlic cloves

Slice the above and put them into the pan with olive oil and add the following when the courgette looks ready.

one generous tablespoon of green pesto

quarter of a cup cream

one tablespoon tomato paste

A pinch of:

black pepper



And when the pasta is ready top with:

grated parmesan cheese

torn basil

And to make your dinner perfect:

Chianti Colli Senesi, Italian red wine

Oh yeah, and of course pasta. Boil some of that and mix in.

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