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Pan Fried Salmon Fillet and Simple Potato Salad

Salmon is one of the best things about living in Scandy – it’s not the best climate for fresh veg and fruit but after having a mean feed of salmon or mushrooms, or berries I can almost deal with it ;). And the potato salad is courtesy of mum, dead easy and very good. Salmon, filleted New […]

Onion Bhajis

Onion Bhajis

The best thing so far seems to not adjust recipes that have gluten but to just make things that never had gluten in the first place. Cakes from almond meal or eggs (pavlova!). Or better yet, cook from cuisines that don’t typically use gluten e.g. basically, Asian. That way you end up using rice, chickpea […]

these were made with some oat flour - normally they come out a little lighter in colour.

Unleavened Potato Bread

This so far the best bread I’ve had as a Celiac. And true to form you have to make it yourself. It is actually pretty good though. Only problem is it only really keeps for a couple of days max. Though you’ll have probably eaten it by then in any case. Translated from Finnish. 1C […]

Just add milk

Homemade Muesli

I’ve discovered that breakfast time is probably the most pain in the arse time to be Celiac. Bread is difficult to get hold of and even at it’s best is no match for wheat or rye bread. And glutenfree mueslies seem so far, to use a bit of vernacular Kiwi, pretty average. I challenge you though, […]

101 Cookbook’s Curried Lentil and Coconut Soup

I’ve always had a bit of a stigma against lentils. Possibly born of watching too much of The Young Ones as a kid. After actually eating them in the last few years, they’re pretty good I reckon. This soup was really delicious. coconut red lentil soup @ 101 Cookbooks Addendum Those of you who didn’t grow […]

An unexpected surprise

So about 4 months ago I (Tim) was diagnosed as a Coelliac – that is to say I can’t anymore eat wheat, rye, barley or almost anything made from those grains. As you might imagine that’s kinda of a bitter pill to swallow for someone who deeply loves food and travelling. Over the last couple […]