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Notice that vein of chocolate. So good.

White Chocolate and Cherry Muffins

I used to make these white chocolate and cherry muffins. And they were awesome. And then I became allergic to wheat. The other day I found a glutenfree ready muffin mix in the supermarket (Sunnuntai). I’m not really in to premade stuff but ┬áin this case I give myself a “free pass” – as to […]

The cable factory in the dead of winter (Cable Factory = Kaapeli Tehdas)

Jacket Potatoes

I work in a technology park. That is to say that it’s a suburb full of metal and glass, modern architecture, Nerds and Suits. However next to our office is the Cable Factory. Formerly an actual, for real factory that made cables and currently a refurbished space for the arts. Galleries, theatres, Kung Fu studios, […]