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Glazed and ready to serve.

South Pacific Christmas Cake

As a kid, I pretty much hated this cake. Which was somewhat of a tragedy as this is the most traditional and most common NZ “celebration cake” – at Christmas time and a at wedding in NZ you can be almost sure to get something like this. The funny thing is that as the years […]

The pubs in Dublin are full of a sense of history and heritage.

Glutenfree Travelling in Dublin

Some weeks ago we were in Ireland to see some friends get married. So here’s my (fast becoming customary) glu-tard’s guide to travelling in the Emerald Isle. I’m not sure whether Celiac’s disease has become more commonplace and so we are better catered for or whether it was always like that, but I just never […]

Yum and pretty healthy - except for perhaps the cheese and onion jam.

Goats Cheese and Caramelised Red Onion Salad

As we have laughed many times with another meat-eating food-nerd friend of mine, goats cheese is the steak of the vegetarian world. Which would make this “steak and salad”. For vegos. The sweet onion jam and the salty goats cheese balance each other wonderfully here. one 1-2cm thick goats cheese (cherve) “round” per person i.e […]

Ready for the oven


Pav. Although it sounds like a Russian psychology experiment it is actually: 100% Antipodean (we’ll let the Aussies share the glory here) and has nothing to do with dogs. It’s awesome. Believe me, once you’ve had a good pav, you’ll salivate at the thought. Pavlova is perhaps the most traditional of Kiwi foods. It’s the […]

Banana cake

Banana cake

I have, without lying, made this cake 70 bazillion times. In fact I’m pretty sure this would be the first thing that I ever learned to make. When as a I was probably around ten, I first got an interest in cooking while watching mum make banana cakes. Staring up at her, head just over […]

Eggs and cheese are a good start to many things.

Buckwheat and Cheddar Blinis

Buckwheat is a strange thing. If you’re not Celiac it’s very likely that you’ve never tried it before. And to us? Well, it’s our version of rye. It basically the only dark, fibrous grain we can eat. For me, the first time I tried buckwheat was a memorable disappointment. To give some context, I should […]

Sage and Garlic Marinated Mushrooms

Sage and Garlic Marinated Mushrooms

It’s hard to beat a fried mushroom. I mean they’re good even with with white buttons but when, in the late summer here, you have access to fresh chanterelles then, well, you’d be mad not to try ’em. Also, sage is lovely and suits the “meaty” mushroom flavour really well. Although taragon or whatever other […]

The summer's harvest.

Lohikeitto: Traditional Finnish Salmon Soup

In general I’m disappointed when I think of fish in Finland. Growing up as a Kiwi, eating lemon shark, warehou, snapper, king fish etc it’s difficult to get enthusiastic about ahven, kuha or muikku (perch, zander or vendace apparently). I say “in general”. There is one thing that, if I ever moved away from here, […]

Meang Kum: tapas Thai-style

Thai Cooking from the Experts

Whilst on Koh Lanta we had probably the best meal we had in Thailand (out of many good ones). The place was Time for Lime (check their site for many good recipes). I’d say if you’re on Koh Lanta it’s pretty much a must visit. The decor was cool, the setting lovely and to cap it all off, […]

Riisi yllätyksiä

Glutenfree in Thailand

Firstly, to quote from my previous post: There are a couple of things I should first mention. One: I’m not a vegetarian. I’m the Celiac half and “Vege and Celiac”. Two: I don’t think I’m as sensitive to gluten as some Celiacs are. I think my body can handle very small amounts of gluten without […]