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lovely passionfruit - why do I live in Finland again?

Rice Pudding and Two Minute Caramel Passionfruit Sauce

I bought a test tube full of vanilla pods some weeks ago. And them promptly dropped it on the floor and smashed it. So I’ve been searching for vanilla using recipes: What better than rice pudding? It’s funny to me that “exotic” things like passionfruit or mint can go 6 months between sightings here in […]

Broccoli, Capsicum and Ginger Stir-fry

It’s dishes like this that have made me appreciate being celiac. Now I have to make everything from scratch – so I know where everything that goes into my food comes from. I find that curiously satisfying. I love fresh ginger, in the way that I can’t believe I ever cooked with ginger powder (it’s […]