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tasty green spears

Grilled Asparagus with Pine nuts and Parmesan

For some odd reason I was under the impression that I didn’t like asparagus. Well when you’re as restricted as we are it doesn’t pay to have many of those types of things – or else you soon won’t have anything left at all. In any case I have no idea where I got that […]

Tosca Cake

The name sounds very Italian to me but this cake is very popular in Finland. One might even say traditional. It’s basically a simple vanilla cake topped with toffee and almonds. But no less tasty for that. This is a glutenfree version I adapted from the recipe I found here. Cake 3 eggs 250ml sugar […]

Goats Cheese, Red Pesto and Caramellised Onion Pasta

Goats Cheese, Red Pesto and Caramellised Onion Pasta

I still quite vividly recall my revulsion and disappointment the first time I tried gluten-free pasta. It was precisely that moment when I dejectedly decided to forgo pasta entirely – so despondent was I. So that was about a year ago. I have eaten in the last couple of months pasta on a couple of occasions. […]