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Sage and Garlic Marinated Mushrooms

Sage and Garlic Marinated Mushrooms

It’s hard to beat a fried mushroom. I mean they’re good even with with white buttons but when, in the late summer here, you have access to fresh chanterelles then, well, you’d be mad not to try ’em. Also, sage is lovely and suits the “meaty” mushroom flavour really well. Although taragon or whatever other […]

The summer's harvest.

Lohikeitto: Traditional Finnish Salmon Soup

In general I’m disappointed when I think of fish in Finland. Growing up as a Kiwi, eating lemon shark, warehou, snapper, king fish etc it’s difficult to get enthusiastic about ahven, kuha or muikku (perch, zander or vendace apparently). I say “in general”. There is one thing that, if I ever moved away from here, […]