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Preview of fajitas.

Tortilla Flatbreads

I stumbled across a couple of recipes for tortillas recently. And buoyed by the fact that some other people had had success, and as Mexican food is completely awesome, I had a go myself. And the result was actually better than I could have imagined. Tasty, totally looked the part, pliable and flexible like I […]

This actually holds together pretty well for a glutenfree cake - as you might be able to see from the texture here.

Citrus Almond Cake

In the last couple of years I’ve tried a few cakes is this ilk: which is to say, cakes made from citrus and almond flour. I think this is the best of the bunch. Apparently I’m not the only one who thought it was decent: all Maiju’s teacher colleagues requested the recipe, after I sent […]

Not too heavy and pretty damn tasty.

Harissa Quinoa and Grilled Eggplant and Bell Pepper Salad

Quinoa is couscous for Celiacs. And like couscous, it’s pretty bland unless you flavour it with something. Harissa is a good something. Combine that with some grilled still warm veges and a citrus vinaigrette and you’ve a pretty damn tasty slap-up lunch. Harissa Quinoa 2T Harissa 2C quinoa 4 spring onions a handful of fresh […]

The final article.

Cardamom, Coconut and Pistachio Kulfi Truffles

This is kinda ‘cheats’ version of the famous Indian desert. Kulfi to me is like ice-cream, this isn’t that. But it hits the same kind of flavours, is way easier to make, doesn’t require an ice-cream maker or to be kept frozen. So while often it’s nice to take your time and do things properly, […]