Rocky Road

Kivinen tie – that makes about as much sense as Korvapuusti.

Rocky road is a bit of a classic from the Antipodes. If I’m honestly, probably more Australian than Kiwi, but when you’re this far from home there’s not really so much difference. And when you’re that far from home I guess no one would know – unless of course you were to tell them I suppose.

One: Fazerin sininen

Two: lisakkeet.

Three: leave to set in a cool place.

Makes about 1 regular sized oven-tray worth.

  • 1kg chocolate
  • 250g dried apricot
  • 250g uncooked cashew
  • about 500g marshmellows
  • about 200g candied cherries

In principle you can use basically whatever dried fruit and nuts you like. What is key to it being Rocky Road is marshmellows and chocolate basically but whatever takes your fancy in terms of dried fruit and nuts, then your creativity is the limit.

I highly recommend using a disposable foil tray when making this. Particularly if making a whole loads of these (for example, say, Ravintolapäivä) as it’s much easier to peel/rip the tray off the candy than to try and get the candy out of the tray.

It is as easy as this:

  1. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler (a bowl sitting over a pot of slowly boiling water).
  2. Add everything else except the marshmellows and mix well.
  3. Add the marshmellows and mix.
  4. Tip the chocolatey mix into a tray and pop the tray into the fridge to set.

And keep it out of reach if you have dogs. Ours gutsed half a tray and had to be rushed to the vet (chocolate is poisonous for dogs). She thankfully made a full recovery. Traumatised girlfriend is also expected to make a full recovery.

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