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Ravintolapäivä Autumn 2012

Ravintolapäivä Autumn 2012

The weekend before last was Ravintolapäivä again. After debating with myself for some time, I decided to not hold another stall this Restaurant Day but rather to participant on the other side of the fence. It was a lovely day and reminded me again of what a lovely tradition Restaurant Day is. Without wanting to […]

Baked "Scrambled" Eggs

Baked “Scrambled” Eggs

After years of Maiju pining for another dog I finally relented. So as of a week ago we a new family member. Anyway, whilst I’ve been a bit on the tired and lazy side lately, conversely we’ve had *loads* of visitors. So last Sunday, we had brunch at ours. I love a good brunch eh. […]