Ravintolapäivä Autumn 2012

The weekend before last was Ravintolapäivä again. After debating with myself for some time, I decided to not hold another stall this Restaurant Day but rather to participant on the other side of the fence.

It was a lovely day and reminded me again of what a lovely tradition Restaurant Day is. Without wanting to sound too pompous or romantic, it’s really quite uplifting to see people so happy and welcoming. There is a real sense of community and I find that quite life affirming.

We met with friends in Karhupuisto at around lunchtime on a grey, chilly, drizzley day. Lucky then that there was in front of our noses the perfect antidote to such weather: a bowl of warm soup. In this case creamy pumpkin soup which I thoroughly enjoyed. Sorry people out there, I don’t remember the name of your stall but if you stumble upon this: your soup was excellent and definitely hit the spot.

From there we continued on to the local tobaconist, where coffee, tiramisu and shisha where on offer. Which was great from the point of view that it was just a quirky fun thing to do. Good to chat over the water pipe and a cup of coffee and memories of a previous trip to Turkey flooded back.

Michael overlooks Karhupuisto

From there we wandered down Porthaninkatu, sampling some Kim Chi on the way and looped back around to check out the vegan and glutenfree friendly, Michael Jackson Burger Palace. I had a pretty mean burger there: with lots of beetroot (ironically a very Kiwi thing to have in a burger). And a pretty mean berry smoothie on the side. I gotta, say of that place too that it was awesome to be welcomed so warmly into the MJ Burger Palace restauranteurs home and also admire their quite spectacular apartment. Thank you.

Nice pun :)

We went home to escape the weather for a bit, relax and ‘refuel’ my friends newborn and then walked south into the city. My friends had, what looked to be a pretty good Goulash at “Taste the World” and there we were also entertained by some very professional sounding Spanish guitar.

From there across to the ‘Hobbit Hole’ of Wonderfood Mustach Soup and Burgers (though I just had a chocolate oat truffle). Where we were again very genuinely welcomed into the place to sit down to share a bite and enjoy the ambiance.



Across the road to the pub to the rugby and back up through Kallio with a stop on Hämeentie for some Papaya salad. I love a good papaya salad. The mix of strong flavours: peanuts, fish sauce, lime, sugar and of course chilli. The only thing better than eating a great papaya salad, is eating a great papaya salad and watching your mate begin to bead with sweat and cough at the sudden realisation that he shouldn’t have ordered the ‘extra spicy’ salad.

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