Ravintolapäivä/Restaurant Day Spring 2013

Again RP swung around and again we went wandering around Kallio sampling various delicacies.

No long prose about how cool restaurant day is this time around. You can read the two previous entries if you like. Just a few pics, to try to share the atmosphere in a more visual way. But in short, it was another really lovely day. Had a blast wandering around, tasting different kinds of food, seeing lots of people enjoying themselves and soaking up the atmosphere.

music in karhupuisto

music in Karhupuisto – the Bear Park

kalliokirkko. The church of Kallio

Kallionkirkko. I walk past this daily. It’s a lovely old church

ravintola pävä

Food: sounds yummy. Music (“dub”): sounds very bass-y

restaurantday. ravintolapäivä

Hemp burger in Alppipuisto. Vege: tick, gf: no tick

alppipuisto. Sounds Delicious

Folks sitting round enjoying some bassy dub in Alppipuisto

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