Passionfruit Posset

passionfruit posset

cooling on the windowsill

This is one of the simplest desserts you can make. And it’s awesome. And that’s pretty awesome for me, as I can’t say I’m overly blessed with free time at the moment (young child to look after and all). Feels like it’s some kind of trick to be honest. 3 ingredients and 10 minutes and I get that?! Yeah, worth trying out.

A posset is more traditionally made with lemon. However this is a Kiwi-fied version. Passionfruit is kinda exotic for Finns. Not that exotic for a Kiwi – I had great up with a passionfruit vine in the back yard.

  • 200ml whipping cream (~35% fat)
  • 1/3C white sugar
  • 4 passionfruit
  1. Bring the the cream and sugar to a simmer, stirring to dissolve the sugar
  2. Allow to simmer for 3 minutes
  3. Meanwhile halve the passionfruit, scoop the pulp and seeds into a sieve, and stir with a spoon until you’ve got seeds left in the sieve and juice in a bowl.
  4. Take the cream off the heat, add passionfruit juice and stir to mix
  5. Pour into small glasses, and place in the fridge overnight to set.
  6. Serve with berry of whatever else takes your fancy.

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