What happens when a vegetarian and a Celiac live together. Without gluten or meat what is there left to eat?

Maiju has been ovo-pescetarian (which is to say she doesn’t eat meat but does eat fish and eggs) since her teens and I was diagnosed as a Celiac in 2009. I was pretty despondent on hearing of my condition. So after sacrificing meat you’re now telling me that I can’t either eat any of the good vegetarian things I’d learnt to make? No pasta, no quiches, no bread? It’s a depressing thing to hear as a self-avowed food-nerd.

So that was the genesis of this site. I needed to start from scratch again and find good things to make that fit for our new diet. To reclaim my joy of making food for loved ones and pottering in the kitchen. And I figured I might as well document it. Mostly for my own edification but also, if some other person like me finds this site and finds it useful than all the better.

PS: I’m aware that perhaps “Vege” and Celiac is slightly misleading as we include eggs and fish. I’m glad for that personally but if you are a stricter vegetarian than we, then I suggest you check the categories there are many genuinely vegetarian recipes here (and even some vegan!).

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  1. Bevan

    Choice one bro.
    Great site. Maiju is lucky to have such a chef at her disposal. You’ve come a long way since cooking (not) rice risotto at Hot Water Beach….

  2. Emma

    I have just moved to Bordeaux France from England. I am finding it beyond difficult with adjusting with the lack of Quorn and vegetarian options. I did try Auchan today, but just ended up even more confused. I do eat fish but I can’t eat too much of it due to other health problems. I have eaten tofu before but never cooked it. I am such a picky eater too. Glad I found this site as its kinda nice to feel not alone.

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