Rice Porridge

Rice porridge is a very traditional thing to have at Christmas up North. Or actually any time during the winter but especially at Christmas. It’s super easy, it just takes a little bit of time. 200ml porridge rice (i.e. starchy rice like risotto rice) 100ml water 2T butter a pinch of salt 1L milk Place […]

Grainfree Banana Pancakes

On the same theme as the last post, here’s another super simple and yet awesome recipe. However, this one is even simpler. What could be simpler than 3 ingredients and 10mins? 2 ingredients and 10 mins :) This recipe did the rounds in Finland a year ago or something. Again it feels like it has […]

It's unfamiliar to me to have a GF baked good that actually requires tearing apart. Normally they just crumble. I guess that
s all the proteins and fiber from the eggs and bananas.

Buckwheat Apple and Pecan Muffins

We had our first child just a week or so ago (awesome!) so in preparation for the steady stream of guests I’ve been baking a little. These muffins are quick, easy, moist and according to the first round visitors “don’t taste glutenfree at all”. In addition they’re not overly sweet (as some muffins can be) […]

Baked "Scrambled" Eggs

Baked “Scrambled” Eggs

After years of Maiju pining for another dog I finally relented. So as of a week ago we a new family member. Anyway, whilst I’ve been a bit on the tired and lazy side lately, conversely we’ve had *loads* of visitors. So last Sunday, we had brunch at ours. I love a good brunch eh. […]

Well at least she was quiet for a good reason while eating this...


Maiju has been down for a few days with laryngitis so to cheer her up last weekend I made her pancakes. 1 egg 1C of milk ½C sugar (optional) about 1C glutenfree flour salt butter Notes: Keep in mind that different flours can absorb fluid in vastly different quantities. That’s why I say about a cup. Just […]


Eggs Benedict with Roasted Portobello Mushrooms and Wilted Spinach

It was Maiju’s bday yesterday, so I thought breaky in bed was in order. Maiju’s fave breaky being my eggs benny. This time round I tweaked things bit and it was damn good. The recipe is essentially the same as last time, but I had the Hollandaise a bit sharper (with added lemon juice) and […]

Eggs and cheese are a good start to many things.

Buckwheat and Cheddar Blinis

Buckwheat is a strange thing. If you’re not Celiac it’s very likely that you’ve never tried it before. And to us? Well, it’s our version of rye. It basically the only dark, fibrous grain we can eat. For me, the first time I tried buckwheat was a memorable disappointment. To give some context, I should […]

Eggs Benny

Eggs Benedict and Smoked Salmon

One of the things I miss about NZ is the cafe breakfast culture. Going out for breakfast has become a lot more popular in Finland over the last 5 years (I don’t think there was anywhere you could even go back then) but still it’s not quite on a par with my homeland. Mostly there […]

the secret ingredient

Roasted Potato, Chilli and Tomato Hash

I’m slightly at a lose at how I should catergorise this recipe. I stumbled upon some smoked paprika the other day and reminded of my most memorable culinary experiences on a trip to Spain, was inspired to through together some kind of potatas bravas thing. Only thing is, I don’t think potatas bravas really goes […]

Just add milk

Homemade Muesli

I’ve discovered that breakfast time is probably the most pain in the arse time to be Celiac. Bread is difficult to get hold of and even at it’s best is no match for wheat or rye bread. And glutenfree mueslies seem so far, to use a bit of vernacular Kiwi, pretty average. I challenge you though, […]