Christmas Date Cake – Taatelikakku

It’s traditional to have a date cake at Christmas time in Finland. This works really well as a glutenfree cake as, the date fibers do a good job of holding the cake together and combating the usual glutenfree ‘crumbliness’. And they also add an awesome natural, caramel flavour. What follows here is pretty much a […]

coolng on the windowsill.

Almond Sponge and Prune Jam

Prune jam really doesn’t sound like it’d be very good. But it is actually. I had a jar of it kicking around that didn’t get used up at Christmas (it’s a Christmas tradition here) and so decided to used it up with my go-to cake/sponge recipe, which is probably the easiest and best GF cake […]

Torta di Cioccolata: Chocolate and Walnut Mud Cake

The best thing when making cakes is not to try to ‘tweak’ cakes where wheat flour is the main component but rather focus on those that where gluten was never really a key component to start with. That means forgetting about certain favorites but also means opening up new avenues too. Every cloud has a […]

This actually holds together pretty well for a glutenfree cake - as you might be able to see from the texture here.

Citrus Almond Cake

In the last couple of years I’ve tried a few cakes is this ilk: which is to say, cakes made from citrus and almond flour. I think this is the best of the bunch. Apparently I’m not the only one who thought it was decent: all Maiju’s teacher colleagues requested the recipe, after I sent […]

Glazed and ready to serve.

South Pacific Christmas Cake

As a kid, I pretty much hated this cake. Which was somewhat of a tragedy as this is the most traditional and most common NZ “celebration cake” – at Christmas time and a at wedding in NZ you can be almost sure to get something like this. The funny thing is that as the years […]

Banana cake

Banana cake

I have, without lying, made this cake 70 bazillion times. In fact I’m pretty sure this would be the first thing that I ever learned to make. When as a I was probably around ten, I first got an interest in cooking while watching mum make banana cakes. Staring up at her, head just over […]

Tosca Cake

The name sounds very Italian to me but this cake is very popular in Finland. One might even say traditional. It’s basically a simple vanilla cake topped with toffee and almonds. But no less tasty for that. This is a glutenfree version I adapted from the recipe I found here. Cake 3 eggs 250ml sugar […]