The summer's harvest.

Lohikeitto: Traditional Finnish Salmon Soup

In general I’m disappointed when I think of fish in Finland. Growing up as a Kiwi, eating lemon shark, warehou, snapper, king fish etc it’s difficult to get enthusiastic about ahven, kuha or muikku (perch, zander or vendace apparently). I say “in general”. There is one thing that, if I ever moved away from here, […]

Eggs Benny

Eggs Benedict and Smoked Salmon

One of the things I miss about NZ is the cafe breakfast culture. Going out for breakfast has become a lot more popular in Finland over the last 5 years (I don’t think there was anywhere you could even go back then) but still it’s not quite on a par with my homeland. Mostly there […]


Yellow Prawn Curry and Mango Lassi

Asian food suits us down to the ground. Flavoursome, not much gluten and plenty of vegetarian and fish options. So somewhat out of necessity I’m getting better at making food from Asia. It’s one of those things were you think “actually it’s not that bad being in my situation – my horizons have for certain […]

Thai-style Fried Rice with Prawns

Thai-style Fried Rice with Prawns

Much to my delight, we live a hundred metres off “Asian supermarket street” that is to say: Hämeentie. They’re cheap and you can find ingredients from there that you cannot find elsewhere. In fact, that you may not even have a clue how to use. But all part of the fun. In any case, they […]

The cable factory in the dead of winter (Cable Factory = Kaapeli Tehdas)

Jacket Potatoes

I work in a technology park. That is to say that it’s a suburb full of metal and glass, modern architecture, Nerds and Suits. However next to our office is the Cable Factory. Formerly an actual, for real factory that made cables and currently a refurbished space for the arts. Galleries, theatres, Kung Fu studios, […]

Pan Fried Salmon Fillet and Simple Potato Salad

Salmon is one of the best things about living in Scandy – it’s not the best climate for fresh veg and fruit but after having a mean feed of salmon or mushrooms, or berries I can almost deal with it ;). And the potato salad is courtesy of mum, dead easy and very good. Salmon, filleted New […]