Fresh tomato salsa is oddly enough, refreshing

Pico de Gallo/Fresh Tomato Salsa

We’ve begun having Mexican food fairly regularly at home. That’s basically because it works pretty well for us. Vegetarian and Celiac friendly, damn tasty and for extra points, reasonably healthy. And if you’re making homemade  Mexican, you might as well make your own salsa. Jarred salsa is good, perfectly fine even, it’s just not the […]

ready to go.

Bell Pepper and Onion Fajitas with Guacamole

The secret to this are the following things: guacamole from fresh avocados (don’t even joke about jarred guac, you may as well use wallpaper paste) nice, fresh, glutenfree tortillas really well-caramellised, sweet onions and peppers Guacamole 2 ripe avocados a small red onion 1 juicy lime (or failing that a lemon will do) Start by […]

Preview of fajitas.

Tortilla Flatbreads

I stumbled across a couple of recipes for tortillas recently. And buoyed by the fact that some other people had had success, and as Mexican food is completely awesome, I had a go myself. And the result was actually better than I could have imagined. Tasty, totally looked the part, pliable and flexible like I […]