North African

Not too heavy and pretty damn tasty.

Harissa Quinoa and Grilled Eggplant and Bell Pepper Salad

Quinoa is couscous for Celiacs. And like couscous, it’s pretty bland unless you flavour it with something. Harissa is a good something. Combine that with some grilled still warm veges and a citrus vinaigrette and you’ve a pretty damn tasty slap-up lunch. Harissa Quinoa 2T Harissa 2C quinoa 4 spring onions a handful of fresh […]

Rich and hearty vege stew.

Chachouka: North African Capsicum Stew with Eggs

Last week I stumbled upon the English cooking series the River Cottage. In particular, upon the season in which the protagonist goes vegetarian for the summer. I immediately felt a great deal of affinity for this. As a former voracious meat-eater (from a country of voracious meat-eaters) and current not-quite-vegetarian but appreciator of the vegetarianism, I couldn’t agree more […]