Basic garlic version

Aioli: homemade garlic mayonnaise

We had a tapas evening with friends to celebrate to New Years. It was a great success – actually I must admit that it was much better than expected even. Pretty much everything put on the table was great. And I found a couple more recipes which I must steal and put up here some […]

Eggs and cheese are a good start to many things.

Buckwheat and Cheddar Blinis

Buckwheat is a strange thing. If you’re not Celiac it’s very likely that you’ve never tried it before. And to us? Well, it’s our version of rye. It basically the only dark, fibrous grain we can eat. For me, the first time I tried buckwheat was a memorable disappointment. To give some context, I should […]

Sage and Garlic Marinated Mushrooms

Sage and Garlic Marinated Mushrooms

It’s hard to beat a fried mushroom. I mean they’re good even with with white buttons but when, in the late summer here, you have access to fresh chanterelles then, well, you’d be mad not to try ’em. Also, sage is lovely and suits the “meaty” mushroom flavour really well. Although taragon or whatever other […]

tasty green spears

Grilled Asparagus with Pine nuts and Parmesan

For some odd reason I was under the impression that I didn’t like asparagus. Well when you’re as restricted as we are it doesn’t pay to have many of those types of things – or else you soon won’t have anything left at all. In any case I have no idea where I got that […]

before: portobello mushies, thyme, chilli and cheddar....

Baked Mushrooms

In the spirit of Stone Soups “5 ingredients or less” here’s lunch I made the other day, courtesy of Jamie Oliver. Taste all of about 5 minutes work and tastes great. Would work as a light lunch with a salad, as a side dish or just as a yummy snack as we had it. Portobello […]

Roasted Tomato Bruschetta

Roasted Tomato Bruschetta

Bruscetta is one of those things I figured I’d never eat again. And I always loved it. So I was quite happy to find the other day in the frozen foods section, some gluten free ciabatta (with the brand Fria – most of their bread seems pretty good actually). And also some lovely looking colourful […]