Rich and hearty vege stew.

Chachouka: North African Capsicum Stew with Eggs

Last week I stumbled upon the English cooking series the River Cottage. In particular, upon the season in which the protagonist goes vegetarian for the summer. I immediately felt a great deal of affinity for this. As a former voracious meat-eater (from a country of voracious meat-eaters) and current not-quite-vegetarian but appreciator of the vegetarianism, I couldn’t agree more […]

Summer veges.

Ratatouille – Turkish style

I have found the secret to a good ratatouille and it is two words: olive oil. I remember making my first ratatouille only a couple of years ago, in a mates flat in Paris, while myself and old Kiwi mate were 6 weeks training through western Europe. Good trip. Awesome feed. One of maybe on […]