The pubs in Dublin are full of a sense of history and heritage.

Glutenfree Travelling in Dublin

Some weeks ago we were in Ireland to see some friends get married. So here’s my (fast becoming customary) glu-tard’s guide to travelling in the Emerald Isle. I’m not sure whether Celiac’s disease has become more commonplace and so we are better catered for or whether it was always like that, but I just never […]

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Glutenfree in Thailand

Firstly, to quote from my previous post: There are a couple of things I should first mention. One: I’m not a vegetarian. I’m the Celiac half and “Vege and Celiac”. Two: I don’t think I’m as sensitive to gluten as some Celiacs are. I think my body can handle very small amounts of gluten without […]

Glutenfree in Bordeaux

Glutenfree in Bordeaux

There hasn’t been much written here recently. This is because I haven’t been at home for the last 6 or 7 weeks. Instead I’ve been in the south of France working and in Thailand having fun. Both trips where fantastic. In the culinary sense and in pretty much every other way too. And both were, […]